I'm Georgette, nice to meet you!

As long as I can remember, I have loved taking photos and the art of capturing a moment in time with my camera. My passion for photography grew when my daughter, Lotus, was born in 2004 and I began documenting her childhood with an eye toward catching each irreplaceable moment. Soon, friends and then friends of friends asked me to photograph their children and families. Before long, I was documenting the lives and milestones of people all over the DMV area.

It was very clear how happy it made me to connect with people and capture special moments, so I launched Lotus Photography in 2012 - named for my first muse.

It makes me happy to see how much meaning and purpose I can infuse into a photograph while making it look beautiful. Photographs can truly become priceless, if they can hold meaning and purpose from your love and life.

I was born in Washington DC and I have lived in Northern Virginia almost all my life. I love nature and art and exploring our gorgeous area for beautiful or off-the-beaten path spots that people often overlook. I cherish every part of the creative process, from scouting a location that reflects my clients' vision to the spontaneity of the shoot to learning which favorite images made a client tear up, or smile. I'm not satisfied until I have presented people with pictures they will treasure forever.

Wedding Mother Daughter Photography

Me and my beautiful daughter Lotus


My husband Steve, is an exceptional photographer and videographer.

For weddings or events when a second photographer or videographer is needed, Steve joins me. Together we are the ultimate duo!

Steve is an amazing partner and my best friend. When we aren't documenting your love stories, we are spending time with our daughter, Lotus, and our kitties. We love hiking, laughing and enjoying life as much as possible.

Photographer Photography Virginia Couple Portrait

Me and my amazing husband Steve

sunflowers photographer photography portrait maryland

Mckee Beshers Wildlife Management Area: MD

Lotus flowers photographer washington DC photography

Kenilworth Park and Aquatic Gardens: Washington DC


Centreville, VA

Our Furry Babies Sensei, Luna, Nimbus and Mojo

Cat Photography Pet Portrait

Sensei! Our cat who acts like a dog

Cat Portrait Pet Photography

Our funny girl Luna. No Donuts!

Photographer Washington DC

Nimbus lives his life to the fullest...every day!

Mojo is our newest baby! He loves to cuddle!


How did you get started doing this type of work?

I have always loved photography, but when my daughter Lotus was born in 2004, I became much more focused on capturing as many moments as I could with her. I started taking pictures of friends and their kids and the idea grew from there.

What education and/or training do you have that relates to your work?

I have been taking photos for 30+ years, countless hours have been invested in learning, growing and expanding my craft. I started taking photos professionally in 2012.

Can we order prints and enlargements through you?

Definitely! The digital images are included with the investment fee, but you always have the option to order prints and enlargements directly from your collection of digital images.

What advice do you give to couples when deciding on their wedding photographer?

My advice is to choose a photographer whose style of photography you love and whose personality you are drawn to. When you love their work and establish a personal connection with them, you’ll find that you wholeheartedly trust them to capture your wedding day. That means you get to be fully present on your wedding day while your photographer works their magic! You will also be spending a lot of time with your wedding photographer over the entire course of your wedding journey which could range from several months to over a year. When you have a great connection with your photographer, you are able to be yourself in front of the camera and feel at ease on your wedding day. At Lotus Photography we love when we leave a wedding day feeling like we have just celebrated the marriage of two new friends!


Fort Meade, MD


Fort Meade, MD